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10 Latest Saree Tips for Wearing the Saree the Right Way in 2024

The saree stands as the pinnacle of grace and beauty and holds a special place in every woman’s collection of attire. More than a garment, a saree embodies cultural richness, handed down through generations as a cherished heirloom, connecting individuals to their legacy. 

If you’ve no idea about saree draping ideas, mastering the art of looking beautiful in 6 yards of stunning fabric can be quite tricky. Looking flawlessly poised in a saree demands meticulous attention to details like handling the pallu gracefully and securing the pleats in place. 

To assist in such scenarios, Kumaran Silks is here with a series of saree tips and hacks every woman should be aware of, ensuring style and elegance in any saree. Let’s get started!

10 Best Saree Tips & Hacks You Got to Know in 2024

1. Fabric First: Select the Right Saree Material 

When it comes to top saree tips, choosing the right type of fabric is essential. 

Within the realm of fashion, be it a saree or dupatta, the fabric stands alone as the decisive factor that can either elevate an outfit to greatness or bring it crashing down. 

If you seek to portray elegance and refinement, be sure to choose the appropriate fabric wisely. Select fabrics that suit both your body shape and the specific occasion. 

Traditional saree draping techniques are enhanced by lightweight materials like chiffon and georgette for a relaxed appearance, whereas cotton and silk sarees display sheer elegance.

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2. Saree Draping Ideas: Experiment with New Styles

To boost the visual allure of your saree, experience with different ways of saree draping is key. Regional adaptations have given rise to a multitude of drape styles. 

The most common is to have a set of folds at the front and drape the end over the shoulder. The usual method involves folding the saree at the front and draping the loose end over the shoulder. 

Are you tired of the traditional methods of wearing a saree? 

There are a variety of saree wearing styles. While the classical Nivi drape remains a top choice, some other variations, such as Bengali, Mumtaz, Lehenga, Gujarati, and Butterfly saree draping styles, can also inject a modern flair. 

It’s critical to find the right saree draping style that complements your figure and the seasons (mainly summer and winter).

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3. Shape Up Your Style: Try Shapewear Petticoats!

Unlike petticoats, which can create bulkiness, shapewear offers body-sculpting benefits, ensuring the saree stays in place and accentuating your curves for a better look. 

Its structure, similar to that of a skirt, makes it incredibly easy to put on and carry around. 

Wrap your saree around it and show off your beautifully sculpted silhouette, and it would be one of the best saree tips ever to follow.

4. Pin Power: Colourful Pins for Saree Security 

When discussing saree tips, it’s worth noting that saree pins are not just practical accessories for keeping the pallu in place; they also contribute to enhancing the saree’s overall appeal.

Leveraging coloured pins as part of your saree hacks offers a clever solution for discreetly concealing pinning while maintaining a perfect saree look.

Also, make sure to use only top-notch, quality pins to prevent any potential harm to the fabric, as cheaper options could lead to damage. 

Enhance your unique saree style with the inclusion of double-lock pins.

5. Pleat Perfection: Master Saree Draping like a PRO

To save time, fold and arrange the pleats in saree the evening before, letting them settle overnight instead of arranging them after draping. 

When it comes to special occasions, neatly pleating and folding your saree allows for quick and efficient draping while retaining an ideal appearance.

6. Pin It Down: Keep Your Saree Pleats Perfectly in Place

Pleats are an essential element of a saree’s design. Make sure your pleats are firmly set and remain in position without shifting. 

One of the simplest saree tips is to secure the pleats in place using safety pins. Use two pins—one at the top and another in the centre—to firmly hold the pleats in place. 

With this method, there’s a lower risk of pleats coming undone, while the central pin ensures they remain neatly organised.

7. Nail Your Saree Look with Optimal Blouse Selection

Select a blouse design that highlights your finest features. Opt for sleeveless cuts or bell sleeves if you want to display your arms. 

Steer clear of full sleeves, as they can make slender arms appear thinner than desired. Trendy options like boatnecks, off-shoulder, and halterneck blouses can hug your collarbone and shoulders. 

For added glam, consider backless or designer-back blouses. I hope your blouse complements your body shape.

8. Accessorise and Amaze: Elevate Your Saree Look Effortlessly 

Adding the right accessories to your saree ensemble is one of the crucial saree tips and hacks you have to follow for a perfect finishing touch. 

Consider embellishing your hands with elegant bracelets or bangles, and don’t forget the charm that a well-chosen bindi can give you a perfect saree look.

Adorn your neck with a stunning necklace that complements your saree’s design and with some other modern jewellery for sarees. 

However, remember not to go overboard, especially with sarees that shine with minimal and alluring accessories.

9. Have Clarity on Hairstyle Considerations

When wearing a simple, stylish saree, it’s important to complement your style with the elegance of the outfit. For those donning ornate sarees, consider elegant updos for long hair. 

Minimalistic styles suit solid silk sarees best, adding simplicity and grace to the ensemble. Opt for low buns parted from the centre or side to maintain a graceful look. 

For traditional saree draping, consider classic bun hairstyles or braids embellished with flowers. 

For a modern touch, experiment with loose waves or a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Keep a few hairpins within reach to secure any stray strands and uphold a polished look all day long.

10. On the Right Foot: Choose the Right Footwear 

Make sure to put on your shoes before draping your saree for proper length adjustment. 

As the majority of women opt for high heels, it’s best to have them ready beforehand. 

The heel’s height determines your saree’s length.

5 Key Saree Maintenance Tips for Preserving its Quality

Saree Washing Tips

Avoid squeezing, wringing, or brushing sarees vigorously to remove stains or other dirt. Soak sarees in water with a mild detergent and gently wash by hand. 

Handwashing helps preserve intricate and delicate embroidery work. Wash bright-coloured sarees, especially those with indigo dyes, separately in cold water.

Avoid Perfumes and Deodorants

Refrain from spraying perfumes or deodorants directly on sarees to prevent non-removable stains.

Drying and Ironing Guidelines 

Dry sarees away from direct sunlight to prevent colour fading. Iron sarees using low heat or press cloth, avoiding back-and-forth movements that may stretch delicate threads.

Saree Storage Tips

Use padded satin hangers to prevent scrapes, scratches, and wrinkling. Avoid hanging expensive weaves like Kanchipuram and Banarasi sarees in the closet to prevent fabric stretching. Fold sarees inside out to preserve handcrafted designs.


And with that, we’ve come to the end of our insightful blog. We hope you’ve found some valuable insights on saree tips for women. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Saree Tips & Hacks

1. How to look beautiful in saree?

You can enhance your beauty in a saree with flattering saree draping styles, complementary accessories, and so on. Let your elegance shine through effortlessly.

2. How to wear saree in different style?

Experiment with different saree draping methods, like Nivi, Bengali, or lehenga style. Each style adds a unique flair to your saree ensemble effortlessly.

3. Where to buy the best sarees online?

For high-quality sarees online, Kumaran Silks is your go-to option. We offer an extensive range of high-quality fabrics at the best prices, ensuring you find the ideal saree for any occasion.