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Which Saree is Best for Summer? 13 Best Sarees for Summer Season 2024

As the sun intensifies and the heat becomes relentless, the battle to stay cool, especially for women, rages on. But don’t give up hope! We can take on the challenge with summer sarees, which are expertly crafted and tailored from airy and lightweight fabrics like cotton, chiffon, georgette, and more. Instead of solely depending on AC, keep reading to find out the best sarees for summer, providing you with a stylish solution to beat the heat in 2024. Let’s go ahead!

Summer Wear Saree: 13 Best Sarees for Summer You Just Can’t-Miss!

1. Classic & Pure Cotton Sarees for Summer Season

Summer cotton sarees are best known for their breathable texture, enabling air to circulate freely and keeping your body cool and dry. Such attributes make it an ideal saree for summer season. Lightweight and comfortable, our summer pure cotton sarees are soft on the skin and easy to drape, offering relief without weighing you down. With our wide variety of designs and colours available, there’s a cotton saree for every occasion, from simple prints to intricate embroidery, particularly favouring light tones during summer. Versatile enough for any event, from casual outings to formal gatherings, our best cotton sarees for summer can be your fitting option, complemented with accessories to create a stylish and comfy summer saree look.

2. Intriguing Handloom cotton Summer Wear Sarees

Handloom cotton sarees nowadays reign as the quintessential summer saree, cherished for centuries for their traditional and cultural significance. Crafted meticulously on traditional handlooms, these sarees for summer boast intricate patterns and designs and are a testament to the artisan’s skill and heritage. With their lightweight and breathable nature, our handloom cotton sarees offer unparalleled comfort, making them perfect for summer festivities and other occasions.

3. Dazzling Chanderi Silk Cotton Sarees for Summertime

In the realm of best summer sarees, Chanderi silk cotton summer sarees are an inevitable option, as they’re a mix of cotton and silk. These sarees are recognised for their intricate weaving patterns and exquisite embroidery, which give your summertime ensemble a refined touch. The lightweight nature is the major USP of our Chanderi sarees, which makes them comfortable to wear even on the hottest days. Opting for such saree fabrics for summer season keeps you cool and refreshed all day, ensuring ideal airflow. In addition, these sarees for summer are easy to carry due to their airy texture, which makes them perfect for outdoor occasions, beach excursions, or leisurely walks in the sun.

4. Gorgeous Georgette Sarees for Summer Months 

Is Georgette good for summer? Yes, it is. With its sheer delicacy and feather-like touch, the georgette saree emerges as one of the ultimate fabrics for summer season. These summer sarees offer durability and ease of movement, making them perfect for the active summer lifestyles of women. The gentle crinkle in the texture adds depth to its drape, while the sarees captivate women’s hearts with their colourful hues and impressive patterns. Our Georgette sarees for summer provide endless possibilities for expressing their style, ranging from classic designs to modern abstract patterns and from subtle nuances to striking contrasts, making them a sought-after summer saree option for festive gatherings and special occasions held in the summer season.

5. Luxurious Linen Sarees for Hot Summer Season

Sarees, composed of linen fabrics, have a solid reputation for being comfortable and breathable. Our Linen summer sarees are an appealing way for women to combat the summer’s blistering temperatures. Considered the best saree for summer season, the linen sarees possess the potency to wick away sweat while keeping you refreshing all day long. The sophisticated touch of these summer sarees makes them suitable for any occasion, from formal functions to social meetings. You can feel super gorgeous in these sarees for summer with their luscious hues and beautiful motifs.

6. Stunning Organza Sarees for Summertime  

As temperatures rise, organza fabric emerges as the go-to choice for women seeking the best sarees for summer style. Its ability to allow airflow assures a relaxed and breezy feel in hot climates. The ethereal charisma of our organza summer sarees adorned with adornments such as sequins or embroidery adds a touch of extravagance. Plus, this summer saree‘s diverse colour choices cater to varied tastes effortlessly and make them versatile enough to transition seamlessly from casual daytime outings to grand evening parties during the summer season.

7. Flexible Net Sarees for Summer to Beat the Heat 

Net sarees are a delightful option for this summer, offering lightweight comfort to women. With their versatility in colours and patterns, net sarees greatly cater to individual tastes, whether you opt for vibrant hues or subtle pastels. These sarees are usually considered the best saree material for summer as they seem ideal for fashion-forward women, ensuring you stay cool and stylish during the summertime. With celebrities often spotted donning net summer sarees at special events, they’ve become relatable in both fashion and functionality during the summer season.

8. Traditional Khadi Sarees for Warmer Months

Though there are many different types of saree fabric for summer season, Khadi sarees have a special connection to our tradition as they have existed since ancient times in India. These sarees are experiencing a revival, particularly as a fitting option for tradition-rooted summer attire for women. Handwoven from handspun yarn, these sarees for summer exude elegance and class, perfect for enthusiasts of India’s handloom tradition. Ideal for daily wear during the scorching summer months, Khadi sarees offer unmatched comfort and breathability, aiding in staying cool amidst rising temperatures.

9. Charming Chambray Sarees for Summertime 

For a flawless summer wardrobe, consider adding a chambray summer saree to your list. Lightweight and breathable, the chambray fabric, with its denim-like appearance, exudes stylishness while ensuring you remain comfortable during the sweltering heat. Ideal for effortless summer saree styling, you can experiment with various colour options and prints, pairing it with a matching or contrasting blouse for a personalized touch. Embrace the easy-breezy charm of chambray sarees for summer to stay cool and stylish throughout the blistering months.

10. Opulent Ombre Sarees for Summer Season

The dual-tone, or ombre saree is an appealing option on this list of the best summer wear sarees, boasting two distinct tones that create a visually stunning contrast for women. With minimal weaving and embellishments, these sarees for summer are perfect for outdoor events during the extremely hot or warmer months. Their stylish yet understated design ensures comfort while exuding elegance, making them a super cool summer saree choice for staying chic and comfortable.

11. Elegant Tussar silk sarees for Summertime

Known for its unique origins, Tussar silk, or wild silk, is derived from the cocoons of wild silkworms. This exquisite saree fabric for summer displays a lustrous, muted gold hue and a rich texture. Our sarees crafted from Tussar silk offer a feather-light feel and excellent breathability, making them ideal summer wear sarees. Tussar summer silk sarees feature a rich colour palette and intricate designs, making them perfect summer wear wedding sarees and also ideal for other occasions. From minimalist to embellished, these sarees for summer offer elegance and versatility for every woman’s wardrobe.

12.  Enchanting Tissue Summer silk sarees 

The saree that comes next on our list are tissue summer silk sarees. Opting for these sarees for summer is a win-win for women as they’re weightless, breathable, and easy to wear. The saree’s luxurious texture, detailed patterns, and fine silk threads make it more appealing. Our Tissue Silk summer sarees feature more designs, such as classic paisleys, geometric patterns, floral designs, and other enticing ones. They’re exquisitely woven or embroidered with zari, brocade, or jacquard work and embellished with sequins or beads. They highlight feminine beauty, flow gracefully, and radiate luxury and ageless appeal for women during the summer.

13. Chic Chiffon Sarees for Summer Season  

Chiffon fabric sarees are great for the hot summer because they’re light and airy, keeping you cool in hot weather. With an authentic composition, these chiffon summer wear sarees offer an elegant drape that most Indian women adore. Easy to manage, our comfy Chiffon summer silk sarees can be hand-washed at home and are easily recycled for wear. Avoid excessive use of safety pins and prolonged folding to maintain the saree’s appeal. The adaptability of chiffon sarees is one of their key attributes, as they suit your tastes and styles with elaborate embroidery, delicate beadwork, or subdued prints. Owing to their natural flow, chiffon sarees for summer are one of the most popular choices for attending various summer occasions, including weddings, engagements, and more.

5 Styling Tips for Summer Sarees to Beat the Heat with Ease

Put Comfort at the Forefront

In your quest for the perfect summer saree, embrace comfort as your priority. Opt for lightweight fabrics (chiffon and georgette sarees), and steer clear of heavily embroidered sarees.

Let Your Saree Speak Volumes

Capture attention with your summer saree selection. Choose a hand-painted or intricately embroidered saree for a striking look. Opt for self-designed or motif-rich sarees for a touch of classiness.

Nail Your Saree Drape

Customise your saree drape to suit its ideal design. Enhance a half-pleated saree with contrasting pleats that complement the saree. Go for a dhoti-style drape for a simple saree with pleats tucked in the front and the pallu elegantly draped over the design at the back.

Accessorise with Precision

Choose simple jewellery, studs, and a minimalist bracelet that can complement and enhance your look. Keep makeup light.

Select Your Blouse Wisely

To add a dash of modern elegance to your summer saree look, go for a supportive, structured blouse. Experiment with unique blouse styles such as crop tops, and printed and sleeveless blouses that not only keep you cool but also add style.

The Bottom Line

We hope you now have a clearer perspective on which saree is best for summer season. Embrace summer sarees as your go-to summer attire, offering both comfort and style in the sweltering heat. Whether your taste leans towards traditional or modern, Kumaran Silks effortlessly caters to your style preferences. Browse through our diverse catalogue, featuring a myriad of colours, fabrics, and designs perfect for summer 2024.  From elegant chiffons to luxurious silks, we provide various summer saree options to cater to every preference. Whether it’s a formal event or a casual outing, our collection of Georgettes, Chanderis, Bandhanis, and Crepe sarees has you covered. Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience with our dedicated customer support team, ensuring satisfaction from purchase to delivery. Why wait? Explore authentic and affordable sarees for summer only at Kumaran Silks! Dive into our blog section for insights into the newest saree trends, styling tips, and more.


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